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RWSW Opening Tournament Finals!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 11:53 AM
It all ends here!

SHIINAvsEMIKO promo animation by saikyoDRAGON

Both fighters have made it to through fierce competition during the tournament and with the 3rd place taker of the tournament decided all that are left are the best. Who will take 1st and who will take 2nd? Each has the capability to achieve great things in their future, but there is also the chance that it will all end here, regardless of who wins or loses. No matter the favourite, neither is going down without giving it their all. Coming this far and with their place cemented as the first tournament number one winner how much are these women willing to give?

First "Class Rebel" Shiina Sai. A resilient and deceptively strong wrestler, with a background in street fighting and experience as a pro wrestler. She has had a rough journey to the finals, firstly defeating her faction team mate and friend, Risa Kobashi in an intense match. Then going against the wily amateur wrestler Kato, in a battle that could have gone either way and with Shiina having to use her Rebel Driver for the win. While being younger and having less fight experience than her next opponent, Shiina has demonstrated that she is very capable in the ring and although being somewhat of an underdog going against Emiko is still a strong contender for the tournaments 1st place taker.

Next, Emiko "Killer Nurse" Kamaya and her incredible performance. Easily going through the large Barbi in the tournaments second fastest match. And next against the fighter who would become the tournaments 3rd place taker, Ayami, in a viciously brutal match. Emiko finishing with her spectacular and dangerous "Circle of Life" suplex, highlighting her power, speed and uncanny talent. A very accomplished kick boxer and no. 1 pro wrestler, Emiko is definitely the pick to win in the finals of this tournament.

Coming up is the best fight of the RWSW Opening Tournament and believe me: There are more fights planned for the future.

RWSW Finals by saikyoDRAGON SHIINA vs EMIKO by saikyoDRAGON SHIINAvsEMIKO wallpaper by saikyoDRAGON

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Inspiration - Women with curves

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 7, 2015, 6:47 AM
Back again with another journal.
This one is about another big influence for the work you see of saikyoDRAGON: Women :love:
In case you haven't noticed, I like drawing thicker, voluptuous women. It may not be to everybody's taste for whatever reason, but it's a body-type I've chosen to use for my work on this page. 
In no particular order, here are my top influences and references when illustrating characters.

Shanie Love Analsexation 
Miss Issy - Dominican Poison  Juliana Montoya
Stephanie - Ice Cold Champagne  Linafay - GB-Schlampe
Karina Hart Maryou Chouzuki
Noela Imakon - Lily Flowers BrandiMae Akers

Just imagine these women going at it in the ring :XD:
The names are there. Google is your friend

Inspiration - artists

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 6, 2015, 1:36 PM
Hey guys
In conversations with a couple friends I was thinking of doing a little showcase of some of my inspirations for this dA profile of mines.
I don't know how often I'll be able to do these but I will try to do these as often as I can.
For starters I have a lot of influences and inspirations. So much so that I decided that I wouldn't make one of those meme image things. In fact I've had to whittle these down a lot still.
So firstly, I decided to show artists that inspire or influence me and my style.
Starting with guys I saw on dA that made me sign up.


:iconjinzoki: This guy pays a lot of attention to the details of his characters. Plus I love his pro wrestling knowledge. You see more than the usual with him.


:iconxzeroman: I love his style of erotic wrestling. Again, he does much more than the standard fare and takes it to the ultimate extreme with his imagination.


:iconjerrie46: His ongoing comics are phenomenal and so is his work ethic. I'm still secretly trying to keep up with him. His characters are really good too.

Terry P

:iconterry-p: This guys work got me to sign up here. Amazing 3d skills, great stories and captivating matches. 
And now onwards to others who inspired me before I joined this site.

Adam Hughes

I just realised that this is the only westerner on my list. One of my close friends bought one of his art books and we spent an afternoon just analysing his work. Brilliant artist which I aspire to be like, combined with Takuya Inoue.

Takuya Inoue

Draws the the ultimate curvy women in my opinion. Luscious curves bursting out of clothes... oh yeah. Just awesome and a huge influence.
my first profile pic

Koutarou with t…
A very similar style to Takuya Inoue. He has the more typical cell shaded anime/ manga style. Really nice and definitely x-rated stuff.

Jun Tsukasa
The first manga artist I saw draw women thick, strong and athletic looking, especially video game characters. Used to scour the internet looking for his stuff.
recognise her? >><< this pic taught me to draw women

Six 六…
The detail in this guys work is incredible. He has a lot of work out there. Although I tend not to draw really muscular women, I am trying to incorporate his style into mines.

One of the very very few futa artists I look at. Really cool style. Curvy women with some awesome physiques. Big influence. Definitely nsfw.

Masamune Shirow

One of my long time favourite artists. I honestly don't know what to say about him. My main thing with him (aside from the hot gals) is the skin texture he uses. Really nice.

A really great artist. He specialises in female pro wrestling. Has really cool characters, but I especially love his doujin comics, with a nice combination of pro wrestling action and eroticism.

Shimeguru Papa

Another really great pro wrestling mangaka. He also has a taste for MMA. He draws some brutal moves and I love the cute he adds to characters he draws.

And there you have it. These are my favourite artists. There are much more but I already had to narrow this down. Any artists I didn't link to do a google search. Check them all out when you get the chance and you hopefully wont be disappointed :)
If there are any favs you have, give them a shout out.

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